What is Blepharitis?

Blepharitis is a chronic inflammation of the eyelids, which occurs when a build-up of excess oils (produced by the meibomian glands) develop on the outer lids.

Blepharitis Symptoms:

  • Itching/ burning sensation
  • Dryness/ scratchiness
  • Red, swollen eyelids
  • Scales on the eyelids
  • Crusting or matting of the eyelids (especially upon waking)
  • Fluctuating vision

Blepharitis Causes:

How is Blepharitis treated?

  • Eyelid cleansing on a regular basis. The eyelid cleansing products Dr. Bello and Dr. Dhaliwal recommends are OCuSOFT Lid Scrub Foaming Cleanser and Lid Scrubs.
  • BlephEx Blepharitis Treatment - A gentle, in-office eyelids cleaning that removes bacteria and debris build-up, associated with blepharitis.
  • Warm compresses/moist heat therapy for acute episodes can be used if you have any discharge coming from your eyelids, or if they are stuck together in the morning. This will help to dissolve the oils on your eyelids.
  • Prescription antibiotics, if recommended by Dr. Dhaliwal or Dr. Bello

Follow-Up Blepharitis Treatments

Blepharitis is a chronic condition, so symptoms may come and go over time. As with regular dental cleanings, BlephEx™ treatment should be performed every six months to maintain the health of the eyelids and control over blepharitis. BlephEx patients are recommended to continue regular cleanings at home with LidHygenix, along with any additional cleansing regimen prescribed by Dr. Dhaliwal or Dr. Bello. Unfortunately, blepharitis is never completely eliminated, but your symptoms can usually be kept under control with proper maintenance and BlephEx treatment.

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