Botox Testimonials

Thrilled to be “Howdy Doody“ free

“Howdy Doody Cancelled”

“At 58 years old, I have been blessed with a good complexion and few wrinkles. However, over the last couple years, “frown lines” appeared between my eyes along with “Howdy Doody” lines on either side of my mouth. When Botox became available at Dr Bello’s office, seeing the before and after pictures on the staff and how reasonable it was, I decided to try it. Thrilled, is a gross understatement! For me, the Botox starts to wear off in about 4-5 months and then I have another treatment.

It’s great to look in the mirror and not see an angry looking face.

When I received a card announcing the addition of Juvederm to Dr Bello’s practice, I made an appointment immediately. Both the staff and Dr. Bello went into great detail on the procedure and all the different areas which Juvederm can be used. Mostly, I was impressed how Dr. Bello listened to what I wanted and didn’t try to sell me on extra injections. He also stated he’d rather do less than too much! I had it done in July 2011 and was thrilled to be “Howdy Doody“ free!”