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I am very thankful to Dr. Dhaliwal, for restoring my vision back to when I was in my 20's

I am a beekeeper, and my vision is extremely important to the success of my hobby and profession.   Sometimes I am even called to remove dangerous hives in various surrounding areas.

I recently noticed my vision declining, everything started to become foggy.  On January 12, 2015, I had cataract surgery with Dr. Dhaliwal and he used the Toric lens to correct my astigmatism as well.  Having this surgery performed not only has changed the way I see everything, but it has also increased my livelihood.

As a beekeeper and breeder, it is very important that I see the eggs and larvae (baby bees). Before surgery I could not see them, which caused me to lose money.  This is not the situation anymore!

I am very happy and thankful to Dr. Dhaliwal for restoring my vision back to when I was in my twenties.  Now I can continue doing what I love most, and not depend on glasses.

I was very nervous about having surgery with a new doctor , but his surgical coordinators reassured me that I was in good hands and I am very overjoyed with my outcome.

Wally Wladyslaw

Cataracts and astigmatism gone.

I am very happy with the results of my cataract surgery, and I am so thankful to Dr. Dhaliwal for all his help and education during this time.

I can even read fine print, which I am shocked because I had the Toric lens for my astigmatism, and I thought it would help only my distance. Perhaps Dr. Dhaliwal has the magic touch, because I even threw out my reading glasses.   I can see everything, street signs, newspaper, and television.

The doctor and his staff very very helpful, all my questions were answered.  The Belmont Harlem surgery center was professional and kind to me.   I am so amazed that I had no pain at all.   At first I have to say, I was very skeptical about Dr. Dhaliwal digging in my eyes, but now I can say the surgery was a piece of cake!!  I never expected to be 20/20 again!!

Cataracts and astigmatism gone!
Irvin Byers

I have never been this happy.

I just had Dr. Dhaliwal remove my cataract and replace it with the Crystalens. I was so nervous and scared before I had surgery. I could not even sleep at night, fear of the unknown.
All I can say is that once the procedure was over, and I walked outside, I could see the entire world, thanks to Dr. Dhaliwal and my new crystalens.
Things are very clear and bright. I am a truck driver and good vision is extremely important to my job and the safety of others. I have never been this happy before, and Dr. Dhaliwal has done an excellent job.

Thank you doctor!!
Ryszard Budzik

The results exceeded my expectations.

Recently I had cataract surgery performed by Dr. Dhaliwal, and I chose the Toric implants for my astigmatism and distance vision.
As any patient facing surgery, especially eye surgery, I was a bit concerned how this would work.
Dr. Dhaliwal has a great bedside manner, and gave me the confidence that everything would work well, in which it did.

The results exceeded my expectations!! I now have 20/20 distance vision in both eyes. I can also read most things without reading glasses, except for super tiny print.

I have family members who have gone through this surgery with other doctors, and they did NOT get the same results.
I highly recommend Dr. Dhaliwal!!

Richard Moellering

Recently I had undergone cataract surgery with Dr. Jasmeet Dhaliwal, at Chicagoland Eye Consultants.  I have to say Dr. Bello truly chose an amazing surgeon to take over his practice.  It is phenomenal how much my sight has improved.  I can see distance vision for about a mile now, no exaggeration.

Cataract surgery with Dr. Dhaliwal has changed my life.  It’s incredible when you can see the entire world around you in a new light.

Driving is now a pleasure, however I’m actually even more cautious now that I can see how other people really drive.  I now have realized all that I was missing before surgery.

Thank You Doc!!

Roy Ritner

I had cataract surgery with Dr. Dhaliwal, who did a fantastic job on my eyes!!  He even corrected my astigmatism with a very special procedure called an LRI, which has changed the way I see everything.

I am so happy, Dr. Dhaliwal is my new eye doctor.  My distance vision is so clear, I can finally see the street signs and exits before I pass them up.

I have a new life, thanks to Dr. Dhaliwal!!

Dr. Bello was my eye doctor for years, and I am thankful he chose such a wonderful, patient, compassionate doctor to replace him.

My friends call me and ask, ” How do you like the new doctor “?   I told them all he is top notch, and now they are all making appointments to see him.

Amalia Toscano

When I originally called to schedule my appointment for cataract surgery, I was informed that my ophthalmologist Dr. Bello was retiring, and Dr. Jasmeet Dhaliwal was taking over the practice.  I was nervous, but wanted to give him the opportunity.  I was very pleased and happy with his explanation of my options for cataract surgery.

I now can read with NO assistance.  I had cataracts and astigmatism, which affected my vision.  I chose the lifestyle lenses for my cataract surgery option.  The Restor lens for my near vision, and the Toric lens to correct my astigmatism, and give me clear distance vision.

I now use no glasses at all!!  I can even thread a needle without any help.

I highly recommend Dr. Dhaliwal for all your eye care needs, especially cataract surgery, he is amazing.

Joann B. Szulczynski

When I was 44, my optometrist told me that the pressure in my left eye was very high. Since I didn’t know what that meant, I forgot to tell my doctor. She was alarmed when I finally did, telling me that meant glaucoma and possible blindness, if left untreated. High pressure? I didn’t feel any difference, no pain, NO WARNING!!!!

Years of painful, stinging eye drops later, I had the great fortune of a referral, to Dr. John Bello, at Chicagoland Eye Consultants.  After careful evaluation he told me that with surgery, I may be able to hold my glaucoma at bay, preventing it from progressing for at least 10 years, or more.  Dr. Bello performed a trabeculectomy, however my glaucoma was quite severe, so he developed a new procedure and technique, and it worked wonderfully!

After a bit of healing time, I was diagnosed with a cataract, a double whammy to my surprise, and astigmatism as well.  Dr. Bello recommended that I proceed with cataract surgery and that the Toric lens replacement would be the best option for me.

My left eye is now better than what God gave me.  Dr. John Bello is Leonardo Da Vinci, back again. I am eternally grateful.

Along the way , the staff at AVS took exceptional care of me.  The front reception staff, the technicians and the surgical consultants are the finest, most efficient, kindest people I’ve ever met. Daniel Banna, Dr. Bello’s optician, was right there for me, to carefully fit me with glasses; I could FINALLY read!!!

I cried with so much gratitude and joy, for having met Dr. Bello, a.k.a. “Mr. Da Vinci” and every single person on his staff.

JoAnne K.

Surprisingly painless

I was completely satisfied with my service with Chicagoland Eye Consultants. I was recommended by my doctor at Medicare to have cataract surgery, and was referred to Chicagoland Eye Consultants. The doctor had a very good bedside manner, and the whole experience was as painless as could be, for cataract surgery.

Alice Z.

I thank you for giving me my vision back...


James M.

Very satisfied!

I have been seeing Doctor John Bello at Chicagoland Eye Consultants for over two years.

I have glaucoma and I need to go in regularly for that. I have also had two cataract surgeries. The last one was about a month ago.

I am always satisfied with the service I receive. Everybody is very kind and helpful. The doctor is very knowledgeable and informative. I definitely recommend them.

Olga B.

Very pleased

I had two cataract surgeries from Chicagoland Eye Consultants and they were efficient and explained everything. Very pleased.

John E.

Happy to have found them

Dr. Bello deserves all of the recommendations. He's so caring and put me at ease with the process of my cataract surgery.

He definitely knows and enjoys his work. Everybody in the office is so warm and accommodating. It's certainly a comfortable place. They're efficient and move you along from room to room so it doesn't feel like you're waiting in one spot for way too long like other medical places. The visit always goes by quickly. I've been going there for about a year with no complaints. Everything was been going very well.

I have a lot of confidence in Dr. Bello's expertise and would recommend him highly.

Susan G.

Experienced and helpful staff

I have been seeing Dr. John Bello of Chicagoland Eye Consultants for a long time now. I went there recently for a cataract procedure. Everything was okay, except that on my second visit, I had to wait a long time in the clinic. The staff and the doctors are all good and experienced. They will be very helpful to anyone who goes there.

Helen C.

Thrilled to be “Howdy Doody“ free

“Howdy Doody Cancelled”

“At 58 years old, I have been blessed with a good complexion and few wrinkles. However, over the last couple years, “frown lines” appeared between my eyes along with “Howdy Doody” lines on either side of my mouth. When Botox became available at Dr Bello’s office, seeing the before and after pictures on the staff and how reasonable it was, I decided to try it. Thrilled, is a gross understatement! For me, the Botox starts to wear off in about 4-5 months and then I have another treatment.

It’s great to look in the mirror and not see an angry looking face.

When I received a card announcing the addition of Juvederm to Dr Bello’s practice, I made an appointment immediately. Both the staff and Dr. Bello went into great detail on the procedure and all the different areas which Juvederm can be used. Mostly, I was impressed how Dr Bello listened to what I wanted and didn’t try to sell me on extra injections. He also stated he’d rather do less than too much! I had it done in July 2011 and was thrilled to be “Howdy Doody“ free!”


I no longer wake up to a “crooked “face that is not symmetrical


My experience with Juvederm has changed the way I feel inside and look outside.

I turned 40 in July and have pretty much always been told that I had great skin and looked “young “ for my age. Although I have never spent that much time in the sun to actually develop wrinkles, there was one area on my face that I found quite bothersome for the last 3 years: the creases or as they say (parenthesis) leading from my nose to my mouth. What made matters worse is that the left side was much more noticeable, and that it gave my face an uneven appearance.

Every single morning upon waking up, I would look in the mirror and stare at this horrible crease, which worsened while I slept, and faced me while I would get ready for a busy day. As crazy as this sounds, it appeared I may need to even “ iron out” this line somehow, or manually smooth it out before I would leave the house. My profile from my left side was equally unacceptable to me as it made my jowls more pronounced, like an angry bulldog.

After my Juvederm procedure, I no longer wake up to a “crooked “face that is not symmetrical. My results are natural and subtle, now if I could just get rid of this double chin…

Trish R.

The sky is so blue and flowers are truly the most beautiful colors I’ve ever seen

Dear Dr. Bello,

I want to thank you for changing my life so dramatically with the Toric lens. I see so much better now. Everything is so sharp and clear. Colors are so vibrant, the sky is so blue and flowers are truly the most beautiful colors I’ve ever seen.

Watching television is now a pleasure, no more squinting. I can read all of the credits and titles.

I can’t thank you enough. You have given me a truly wonderful gift, my vision without glasses. I will always be eternally grateful.

I recommend Dr. Bello to anyone who needs cataract surgery. Do not delay, Dr. Bello is an amazing surgeon. I love him for what he has given to me.


Betty S.

I am so happy I want to throw a party

regina-phelps I had just recently undergone cataract surgery with Dr. Bello and had the Toric Lens implanted for my astigmatism.

I am so happy I want to throw a party. I have been in glasses since second grade- that makes it 56 years.

This has changed my life, and I could not be more thankful and elated. Dr. Bello is a GENUIS!

I also want to thank the staff for their kind care, especially Trish Rangel and Kelly Basso (Dr. Bello’s surgical coordinators). They took care of all my needs from start to finish.

If you have cataracts and astigmatism, don’t wait to call Dr. Bello now and choose the TORIC. It is well worth it.

Regina P.

God used you as an instrument to do my Cataract Surgery

rosa-galvan Dear Dr. Bello,
God used you as an instrument to do my Cataract Surgery with the Toric lenses which helped me to see clear in the day & night time. I am 74 years old and I live here on the Northwest Side of Chicago, but I have to travel every day and night by public transportation to Cicero, Illinois. I work as a volunteer at Victory International Outreach Church. I am constantly on the streets of this community to reach out and help the hurting, and disadvantaged, people that have fallen into misfortune. If it was not for this miraculous surgery that restored my sight, I don’t know if I would be able to continue to do this work safely, since I am on the streets late at night. Dr. Bello I believe that God chose you, so that I can complete the mission that he called me to do.

I also want to thank you for the great service you gave me couple days ago when I went to your office for my annual eye exam. You have been a blessing to my life, I want to congratulate you for been nominated the "TOP DOC" You are doing a great job!

I have been telling my friends to visit your office when they need to see an eye doctor. I am very grateful to you and all your office staff because they treat me like a queen. Thank you again & God bless you all

Rosa G.

update from Rosa...

Dear Doctor Bello, thank you, for sharing with me your News Letter.

You said: Do we accept and embrace change or do we fight it?

Well...for me...when I had my Cataract Surgery...I embrace change in my life.

I want to thank God for using you as His Healing Instrument, to provided me with a pair of brand new eyes.

Thank You, Doctor Bello!

I want to encourage anyone that is thinking about the Cataract Surgery stop thinking and get one! They will have a pair of brand new eyes like me!

I know that God is with you and the (IPL) is going to help many people. Congratulation Doctor Bello!

I am sure that you, and your employees are going to have a great time in New Orleans.

You, your family, and employees are in my prayers...God bless all of you!

your patient Rosa G.

I thought it was a gimmick (scam) to make more money

george-wolf Dear Trish,
I just wanted to thank you and Dr. Bello for your understanding and thoroughness regarding my Crystalens implantation. To be honest with you, initially I thought it was a gimmick (scam) to make more money. As a retiree, I've become very defensive, especially with something as important as my vision.

At our consultation, after viewing the video narrated by Pat Summerall, I really became skeptical. I respect him as a former ballplayer and announcer in the N.F.L., but let's be realistic; he isn't doing that video for free. So I left with mixed feelings. I talked to three of my closest friends who had cataract surgery, and they said they never heard of the Crystalens. Now, I really had questions.

I am a former Biology/Earth Science teacher, who taught 36 years in the Chicago Public Schools. My mind is open to and welcomes innovations in Science. So I wrote a "barrage" of questions that I felt crucial in making my decision. For example: What if Dr. Bello retires? Who do I see if there are problems or complications? So we meet again, and you were great! Both you and Dr. Bello made me feel confident that this was the way to go.

Your statement "it's like seeing in high definition" was right on the money. The first thing I noticed after the surgery was color intensity. Colors were richer, hues were very striking. My environment is so clear, that I actually welcome Crystalens implant in my other cataract-stricken eye.

George W.

The WOW Factor

drucilla-tanton The WOW Factor.

Yes that is the way you feel with the Crystalens®. I’m 62 and I started wearing glasses in the 6th grade. To be able to see the TV, the clock radio, and most of all to see so clearly people’s faces is phenomenal. Although I did tell someone I was surprised to see they were getting gray; maybe seeing too much can get you in trouble, guess there are some new things I need to keep to myself.

In my early twenties and thirties I tried hard contact lenses but that was too much of a bother and discomfort so I went back to glasses. But this is really something; I forget that I don’t have my glasses on and actually reach up to my eyes to take them off at night – creature of habit. And when was the last time I could read the phone books, unbelievable.

I know everyone is different in recovery but to be 20/25 after a week and 4 days is fantastic. Thank you Dr. Bello, Trish, and the rest of the staff for the excellent care and attention.

Drucilla T.

Every category of my vision has been taken to new heights

kenneth-larson I was originally supposed to have cataract surgery a few years ago, however, my procedure was postponed because of a glitch with my Medicare plan. After waiting for quite some time, I received a call from Dr. Bello's office, that my insurance problem was resolved and I could proceed with cataract surgery. Dr. Bello’s office informed me that they were now offering the new Crystalens procedure and that Medicare and my secondary would pay a good portion of my surgery. My procedure was completed according to schedule and I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful my results have been.

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