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It feels like my eyesight has been “reborn”

I recently had a cataract removed in my right eye by Dr. John Bello. This was a critical decision because I have no sight in my left eye. Today, I can happily report that the surgery was a complete success. Vision restored… no more difficulty with night vision… I can once again appreciate the beauty of colors…it feels like my eyesight has been “reborn” and I have normal intra-ocular pressure. My thanks to Dr. Bello and his caring staff not only for this procedure but for my eye care over the past fifteen years.

John F.

I am profoundly grateful for your tender, loving care

virginia-martin I sincerely thank and appreciate Dr. Bello, his expertise and professionalism. I congratulate him and his compassionate and experienced staff. I had cataract surgery with the Restor Lifestyle lens at the Belmont/Harlem Surgery Center. I received excellent care and consideration during my procedure. Recovery was very pleasant and successful. I sincerely thank each and everyone for their dedication and service.

I am profoundly grateful for your tender, loving care. I pray fully wish all of you health, joy and happiness. Keep up the good work and "Rock On".

Virginia M.

The operation was performed in a painless 20 minutes

My name is Tony Viola, I am 75 years young and had my cataracts removed by Dr. Bello.

I had been struggling with poor vision for the past 12 years, I was told that my cataracts were not “ripe”, as a result I had difficulty driving at night, reading road signs, and even had to use a magnifying glass for the daily crossword puzzle. My 3.50 power glasses were not strong enough to read in low light and objects in the distance were a blur.

Dr. Bello performed my cataract surgery and implanted a new lens called “The ReSTOR” lens, one of few new innovations in eye care.

The operation was performed in a painless 20 minutes…I had no adverse effects from the procedure and after a later afternoon visit, the same date as the operation, I was free to resume my normal daily activities. I played golf the next day and I could finally see the ball after I hit it.

Don’t wait to get this procedure done…it is a miracle.

Tony V.

I started to read from the top line and finished all the way at the bottom

stanislwa-magdon Dear Dr. John Bello , AVS, and Belmont/Harlem Surgical Center:

I have had a vision problem for several years now. I was unable to read regular size print without the help of a magnifying glass. Until, one day my friend told me about Dr. John Bello, a very successful eye surgeon.

During my first appointment with Dr. Bello I met a few employees in the office that were very well oriented, and were able to direct me in the right way of understanding my vision problem and what could be done to improve it. My first impression of Dr. Bello was great, as he right away showed interest in finding a solution for my vision problem.

I received a lot of reading material about cataract surgery. I was very interested in the new technology implant, such as “Acrysoft Restor Lifestyle Lens Implant designed to provide a full range of vision of near, far, and in-between.”

I received special eye drops to use four times a day for four days before my cataract surgery. On my surgery date, I was at Belmont Harlem Surgical Clinic at 7am. It was such a beautiful place. Not at all like a typical cold hospital. The staff there was well oriented, very nice, and they knew exactly what to do to prepare me for surgery. I was given sedation by intravenous injection. I liked how one of the nurses was always by my side, I didn’t feel alone. I remember when Dr. Bello was around my bed and talked to me saying that I’m almost done! He made me feel so safe, so cared for. Very shortly, thereafter I was signed out from the Belmont/Harlem Surgery Center and was taken home.

I was pretty comfortable, no pain. I was home for the rest of the day relaxing comfortably and taking the eye drops every four hours. The next morning I was awake early and was able to look through the window. Everything around looked so beautiful, nice, and bright. I took my eye drops, had breakfast, and drove myself to Resurrection Hospital for a check-up with Dr. Bello. One of the nurses at Dr. Bello’s clinic asked me to read the lowest line of letters that I can see. I started to read from the top line and finished all the way at the bottom. I could read all of them! It was a nice surprise, the nurse said, none of our patients could read the small print the next day after surgery like you.

A few weeks later I had the left eye cataract operated on by Dr. Bello. The procedure was the same as on the right side. Both my eyes have excellent vision. I don’t need glasses for any reading, I use only special sunglasses called Maui Jims.

Thank you very much to Dr. Bello for your excellent job done to my eyes. Thank you to all your employees who work with you as your “Right hands”. I don’t remember the names of all your employees but a few were Trish, Kelly, Renata, and Barbara and Kathy from the surgical center, all were very professional. I wish you very many patients with successful eye treatments as mine. You have changed my life.


Stella M.

I am reading and writing without glasses

Dear Dr. Bello, and Staff,

Since my cataract surgeries in October, on my right and left eyes, I am reading and writing without glasses. Twenty-four hours after my first surgery, I was at 20/30 vision and reading without glasses and that was just day one! I wanted everybody that I know family and friends, to have the surgery and get rid of their glasses.

I once said I would give up my home if I could see without glasses. Fortunately, the ReSTOR lenses were not that expensive. My children have even said that my eyes “looked much brighter”. I think Dr. Bello has a miraculous job, to give people their vision back. He has a very cheerful staff.


Bonnie G.

P.S. I can now thread needles again. Everyday I am able to do many things I no longer could do.

A great experience that made a positive change in my life!

I'm an attorney and my eyesight was declining and I was considering having to leave my work, but thanks to Dr. Bello at Chicagoland Eye Consultants I am still working. I had a fantastic experience that was much better than I had anticipated.

I had a serious problem with one eye and Dr. Bello referred me to a specialist. The specialist tried an experimental procedure that stopped the issue. I then went and had cataract surgery from Dr. Bello and he also put in lenses into my eyes. My eyes are an unusual size and he did a perfect job. I now have 20/20 vision for the first time in my life!

You can't imagine what it is like to have declining vision and then have perfect vision. It was a life changing experience.

The staff is very competent and very receptive to people and their questions. Dr. Bello is extremely hard-working and intelligent. Despite being busy with lots of patients, he gives you a lot of attention. I've been a customer for 7 years and I've keep recommending them to others.

Mary D.


I am so glad to have Dr. Bello make surgery 
on my eyes. My vision improved 100. Thank you 
Dr. Bello.

Ted W.

Amazing, amazing doctor.

Dr. Bello is just wonderful. He gave me back my sight. I had cataracts, so I had very poor vision. He did the surgery now I can see. Every night when I go to bed I look at the clock and think of Dr. Bello because he made it so I can see the clock. I would not go anywhere else.

Betty S.

Cataract replacement

I didn't realize how much I wasn't seeing before Dr. Bello replaced my cataracts. Bella Bello!

Paul N.

We strongly recommend Dr. Bello and his staff for all your vision care!

My father just recently had cataract surgery on both eyes. Naturally at age 66 he was a bit afraid, however Dr. Bello and his entire staff put him at ease. Dr. Bello and his staff were all so caring and helpful. My father's surgeries were both successful and he is enjoying seeing good colors again. Thank you Dr. Bello and staff for the great care you gave my dad.

Mary G.

I have stayed with Dr. Bello more than 15 years, which speaks for his excellent service.

I have been a patient of Dr. Bello more than 15 years and had cataract surgery of both eyes and I am very pleased with the services I get from the staff and from him as well. Congratulations for all his accomplishments. He seems like he is ageless, has good humor and very pleasant always.

Gloria C.

I'm very pleased with the quality of care from the entire staff.

Cataract surgery on my left eye was successful and seamless. Right to be done in 2 weeks!

Phyllis P.

Excellent cataract correction

Two years ago, Dr. Bello corrected 2 cataracts (both eyes). My vision improved incredibly!

Since then, I have visited Dr. Bello twice for annual exams. The exams are quite thorough, and have shown my vision to remain "perfect".

When my wife needed cataract surgery, I suggested that there was no one other than Dr. Bello that I would trust with this. She had her surgery done by Dr. Bello last year, and is quite pleased with the results.

For sure, if anyone else asks me about this surgery, I will absolutely give an unqualified recommendation of Dr. Bello.

Charles J.

Cannot say enough good things about Dr. Bello

I have had Dr. Bello treat my mother and my family, my mother for cataracts and for myself with cataract surgery in both eyes. He also treated me for an eye injury.

He is so knowledgeable, he is really on top of all the new techniques, and he communicates extremely well with his patients. He has a really great support staff and they make it relatively painless. He has been our family's eye doctor for over 15 years and we are so pleased with him.

Theresa C.

Dr. Bello and his staff provide very professional and caring service

I recently had cataract surgeries and the results exceeded my expectations. After 60 years of wearing glasses for distance and didn't think it would be possible that today I only need readers.

I found Dr. Bello and his staff totally professional and very caring. All took time to explain procedures, medications, and review instructions.

Anyone needing eye care should definitely seek out Dr. Bello.

Christine K.

I can see better than I have in 70 years

After the sudden onset of cataracts, Dr. Bello removed both right and left and I can see better than I have in around 70 years. Thanks.

Paul N .

Service and Knowledge

Dr. Bello has been my Ophthalmologist for about 10 years, I was scheduled for cataract surgery last month but sustained an injury to the eye the day before. He saw me immediately the next day (no waiting) and took great care of the injury. Dr Bello performed the cataract surgery yesterday and upon being seen by him for follow up the next day, I now have 20/20 vision in the eye! Thank you Dr. Bello

James D.

Efficient Service

I've always received efficient and great service from the staff at Chicagoland Eye Consultants. Dr. Bello is easy to talk to, listens and answers all my questions. Dr. Bello performed cataract surgery on both my eyes a few years ago and I'm pleased with the results.

Jean E.

I highly recommend Dr. Bello for anyone who wants the best eye care!

My mom had been having problems with her eyes since she injured herself back in December, 2011. She went to have her eyes checked with a doctor where she lives in Kentucky and without even having an exam she was told she had cataracts and needed to have surgery on them.

Naturally at the age of 82 she was afraid, and of course with the horror stories people were telling her about, she would not have anything done. It took me, my daughter, and my brothers four months to convince her to come up to Chicago to have her eyes taken care of.

Dr. Bello was recommended by my daughter and we are all so grateful for his care. Dr. Bello did surgery for the cataracts and gave mom two new Toric Lenses. 
The whole experience from the time you sign in when you arrive to when you leave was just wonderful.  Dr. Bello and his whole staff were all so caring and helpful. It also gave me a good feeling to see Dr. Bello's family pictures throughout his offices.

I took mom back home to Kentucky just before the fourth of July, and she is back to her old self again. She is enjoying watching television and seeing good colors, but most of all she is back to reading her books like she used to.

Thank you Dr. Bello and staff for the great care you gave to my mom. I will be seeing you myself for my eye care and I am already recommending you to everyone I talk to.

Alice C.

Very Pleased

Recently had cataracts removed from both eyes and had the RESTOR lenses implanted.

While this is a pricey out-of-pocket expense, it is well worth the investment, I no longer need glasses and better yet the surgical procedure was virtually painless and amazing!

The staff at Dr. Bello's office are friendly and caring as is the staff at Belmont Surgical center...they all truly care about the patient's well being.....and as for Dr.Bello, God bless his healing hands.

Thank you.

Christine H.

Fast, friendly and will make your time there comfortable

Everyone at Chicagoland Eye Consultants was wonderful! I'd rate them all excellent in every category. I walked in, scared to death about getting an operation, like any normal person would be! From the minute I walked through the entrance, to the very end, everyone was so nice and friendly, greeting me and making sure I was okay along the way. Really, they all went beyond being nice to me to make me feel at ease!

For the operation, they gave me whatever they needed to give me to knock me out. When I woke up, and this was my only complaint, was that the people that had been behind me, were done before me! It wasn't until someone explained that I was already done with the surgery! I had to laugh because I had no idea it had even taken place. Both times that happened!

I just went in today, and I have a perfect 20/20. I am 69, and people keep telling me I look 50! I love it! I'm happy to recommend them to anybody!

Joanne B.

I wouldn't drive all the way out from Hoffman Estates if I wasn't happy with them

I'm really happy with Doctor Bello. I wouldn't drive all the way out from Hoffman Estates if I wasn't! I had him do my cataract surgery. I had him do both of my eyes, and I'm satisfied. I've been going to him, and my husband goes to him, and my daughter, and my granddaughters, we're all happy with him!

Beverly G.

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