Crystalens Cataract Lens Testimonials

I have never been this happy!

I just had Dr. Dhaliwal remove my cataract and replace it with the Crystalens. I was so nervous and scared before I had surgery. I could not even sleep at night, fear of the unknown.
All I can say is that once the procedure was over, and I walked outside, I could see the entire world, thanks to Dr. Dhaliwal and my new crystalens.
Things are very clear and bright. I am a truck driver and good vision is extremely important to my job and the safety of others. I have never been this happy before, and Dr. Dhaliwal has done an excellent job.

Thank you doctor!!
Ryszard Budzik


I thought it was a gimmick (scam) to make more money

george-wolfDear Trish,

I just wanted to thank you and Dr. Bello for your understanding and thoroughness regarding my Crystalens implantation. To be honest with you, initially I thought it was a gimmick (scam) to make more money. As a retiree, I've become very defensive, especially with something as important as my vision.

At our consultation, after viewing the video narrated by Pat Summerall, I really became skeptical. I respect him as a former ballplayer and announcer in the N.F.L., but let's be realistic; he isn't doing that video for free. So I left with mixed feelings. I talked to three of my closest friends who had cataract surgery, and they said they never heard of the Crystalens. Now, I really had questions.

I am a former Biology/Earth Science teacher, who taught 36 years in the Chicago Public Schools. My mind is open to and welcomes innovations in Science. So I wrote a "barrage" of questions that I felt crucial in making my decision. For example: What if Dr. Bello retires? Who do I see if there are problems or complications? So we meet again, and you were great! Both you and Dr. Bello made me feel confident that this was the way to go.

Your statement "it's like seeing in high definition" was right on the money. The first thing I noticed after the surgery was color intensity. Colors were richer, hues were very striking. My environment is so clear, that I actually welcome Crystalens implant in my other cataract stricken eye.

George W.


The WOW Factor

drucilla-tantonThe WOW Factor.

Yes that is the way you feel with the Crystalens®. I’m 62 and I started wearing glasses in the 6th grade. To be able to see the TV, the clock radio, and most of all to see so clearly people’s faces is phenomenal. Although I did tell someone I was surprised to see they were getting gray; maybe seeing too much can get you in trouble, guess there are some new things I need to keep to myself.

In my early twenties and thirties I tried hard contact lenses but that was too much of a bother and discomfort so I went back to glasses. But this is really something; I forget that I don’t have my glasses on and actually reach up to my eyes to take them off at night – creature of habit. And when was the last time I could read the phone books, unbelievable.

I know everyone is different in recovery but to be 20/25 after a week and 4 days is fantastic. Thank you Dr. Bello, Trish, and the rest of the staff for the excellent care and attention.

Drucilla T.


Every category of my vision has been taken to new heights

kenneth-larsonI was originally supposed to have cataract surgery a few years ago, however, my procedure was postponed because of a glitch with my Medicare plan. After waiting for quite some time, I received a call from Dr. Bello's office, that my insurance problem was resolved and I could proceed with cataract surgery. Dr. Bello’s office informed me that they were now offering the new Crystalens procedure and that Medicare and my secondary would pay a good portion of my surgery.

My procedure was completed according to schedule and I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful my results have been. Being an avid golfer, I can now track the ball on the course with ease. Driving has now become a pleasure again, since the street signs are now crisp and clear. My reading and up close vision has improved profoundly. As a matter of fact, every category of my vision has been taken to new heights. I truly believe my "Medicare glitch" was fate. If I would have had surgery with the standard implant, my world would have never looked as good as it does now.

Kenneth L.


The rediscovery of crisp vision and brilliant detail

adoranWhen Adoracion Caturan walked into the office of John B. Bello, M.D. she had absolutely no idea what surprise was in store for her. Adoracion, you see, is legally blind, unemployed and like many Americans, uninsured. Her life had taken a turn for the worse, or so she thought.

Prior to 1996, she was gainfully employed as a bank teller with comprehensive health benefits and working to achieve the American dream, as most of us strive for. While employed, she raised three daughters and a son and put them all through college.

Married for 40 years, Adoracion and her husband struggled to give their family the quality of life that they never had. She worked two jobs to make ends meet, and due to the heavy workload she carried, she was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Her life had taken a turn for the worse, or so she thought. Then real catastrophe struck! At the age of 52, Adoracion suffered a stroke, and began to lose her vision. She lost her job, her insurance, her income and slowly sank into a deep depression.

But Dr. Bello changed Adoration’s life forever, and this time, in a really positive way!

You see, Dr. Bello was chosen to partner with Bausch and Lomb, the manufacturer of the Crystalens®, to offer one of his patients a complimentary Crystalens® surgical procedure, as part of their nationwide campaign “Changing 100 lives in 100 minutes”. Dr. Bello is a board certified ophthalmologist, who has performed more than 10,000 cataract surgeries, and is one of the few practices, in Chicago, credentialed to perform the new Crystalens® procedure.

The great news was that Dr. Bello chose Adoracion to receive the new Crystalens®!

“The Crystalens® has been an extraordinary success, and I wanted to share this wonderful technology with a person who was so deserving and in need. It continues to be personally and professionally rewarding to witness my patients who experience the rediscovery of crisp vision and brilliant detail.”

Adoracion C.


I can see near, far, and in between without glasses

My vision prior to the Crystalens® procedure was very bad. I had tried glasses, contacts, trifocals, and readers. Night vision was very scary too because of glare, halos and starbursts of light. I had difficulty estimating car distance when changing lanes, and I could not read street signs, maps, and everything was just one big blur.

I now enjoy my life to the fullest. I can see near, far, and in between without glasses. Everything I see is clearer, brighter and vivid. I no longer have to squint to read. I have “new” eyes. I feel I have been blessed with a whole new world of vision, a “rebirth”. I am in love with my Crystalens®. It is a marvelous, awesome invention. What a phenomenal contribution to mankind!!!!!

Marilou B.


I would highly recommend the Crystalens to anyone in need of cataract surgery

My experience with choosing and receiving a Crystalens implant has been altogether very satisfactory. My cataract progressed rather rapidly and I felt unsure when driving at night, fluorescent lights made things look blurred indoors, and my overall vision was not good. One of my associates at work had the Crystalens in both eyes with very good results; so, after discussing it with Dr. Bello, I decided this was the way to go.

My implant experience was painless and comfortable. All my preoperative anxieties were needless. The procedure went smoothly and recuperation was effortless.

The best bonus since having my right eye done (the left is not ready for surgery yet), is that I no longer need glasses to read and I can see those street signs while driving without having to strain. It makes me feel younger not always having those magnifying glasses perched on my nose.

All in all, I would highly recommend the Crystalens to anyone in need of cataract surgery.


Janet A.



To my utter amazement, the results were far beyond my expectations

tim-francisI recently had cataract surgery where Dr. Bello implanted Crystalens' in both of my eyes. I went into this expecting an improvement in my vision. To my utter amazement, the results were far beyond my expectations; objects are sharply defined, colors are vibrant, and my vision is clear at all distances. When I use to play golf I couldn't see the flight of the ball, in fact my playing partner would have to tell me the direction of the ball. All that has changed; I can now see it for myself! If I had to do it all over again I wouldn't hesitate for even a second.

P.S. In the interest of honesty, there is a downside to the cataract surgery; I can actually see how terrible my golf shots are.

Tim F.

I had no idea prior to surgery, what I was missing

darlene-cardoneI had cataract surgery in both eyes by Dr. Bello with the Crystalens. I had no idea prior to surgery, what I was missing. Colors are amazing; my vision is crisp and clear.

God does wonderful things through Dr. Bello. As my husband said, “You had the best surgeon”.

Thank you so much!
Darlene C.