Eye Procedures

BlephEx™- Blepharitis Treatment
How do your eyes FEEL? Our Chicago Ophthalmology practice is proud to offer a new, in-office procedure for our patients to treat blepharitis. Blepharitis is an inflammation affecting the eyelids and eyelashes. Common symptoms of blepharitis include: dandruff like flakes,...Read more


Cataract Surgery
Cataract surgery can restore cloudy vision, because of cataracts, to normal sight. Many patients have the opportunity to choose a cataract lens to fit their lifestyle, which may improve up close, intermediate, and distance vision. During your exam Dr. Dhaliwal...Read more


Clear Lens Extraction
Clear Lens Extraction Presbyopia is a refractive disorder that usually occurs after the age of 40, when our natural lens loses its flexibility, preventing the ability to see up close. Most people notice presbyopia when they are no longer able...Read more


Corneal Transplant Surgery
Corneal Transplant Surgery Chicago, IL A corneal transplant is a surgical procedure where a diseased or damaged cornea is replaced with healthy corneal tissue, from organ donation. The cornea is the clear, outer layer of the eye. It focuses light...Read more


Belmont/Harlem Surgery Center
Belmont/Harlem Surgery Center Due to recent technological advances, many surgical procedures that once required a hospital stay can now be performed safely and conveniently at a surgery center. Dr. Dhaliwal performs cataract surgery, among other procedures at the Belmont/Harlem surgery...Read more