Eyeglass Lens Options

Eyeglass Lens OptionsWe offer several lens packages, at our optical boutique, ranging from “the very basic” to “all the bells and whistles” imaginable. Our most popular lens options are the “Free Form lens” and the “Progressive Lens”. Lenses can be purchased to fill glasses, reading glasses, sunglasses, or existing glasses frames.

Anti-Reflective Coating

  • All of our premium lenses have anti-reflective glass coating.
  • Not the “average” anti-reflective coating that use to peel off within a few months.
  • Allows light to run through the lens, rather than reflect off it.
  • Cosmetically, this coating is perfect for picture taking.
  • The functionality of this high quality, anti-glare coating outweighs its cosmetic appearance
  • Significantly reduces the amount of eye strain, especially for those who use the computer, drive at night, or love to read.

Free Form Lens Features

  • A digital lens
  • The newest technology available for single vision and progressive lenses
  • Laser prescription accuracy
  • High definition visual acuity
  • Continuous uninterrupted vision for distance, reading and everywhere in between.

Progressive Lenses Features

  • Specialized technology allows for a smooth transition between optical zones.
  • No more “image jump”
  • Very little distortion.

Ultra Thin Lenses

  • Allow even the most self conscious patient to choose an eyeglass frame they love, without worrying about how thick the lens appearance will be.

Transitions Lenses

  • The ideal choice for everyone, because these lenses darken to just the right level in various sunlight conditions.

Polarized Lenses

  • The best choice for blocking glare and enhancing contrast. Drivers, golfers and virtually anyone who spends time outdoors will love this eye wear benefit.

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