Help for Diabetes

christmas_dinnerThis holiday season, like all other holidays, tempt us to eat and drink more than our usual share. This is an especially dangerous time for diabetics. As we age, it seems like just looking at food causes us to gain weight and/or raise our sugar level.

These changes in our eating and drinking habits will also cause our sugar level to fluctuate. For diabetics, this fluctuation, over a period of time, will also cause diabetic changes! What to do???

Besides placing duct tape over our mouth, we can try to minimize the effects of diabetic complications. Just released, is a “vitamin supplement formula,” called DVS, that contains many ingredients, that on an individual basis, minimizes the effects of hyperglycemia.

These ingredients, which I will name later, help to control and/or minimize inflammation and oxidative stress pathways. It also helps to lower the sugar level via numerous biochemical pathways. This was shown on a study, that used a randomized placebo in a controlled clinical trial with both type 1 and type 2 diabetics, over a 5 year duration.

FraNoi February 2014

Anecdotally, we gave a bottle of DVS to a friend of mine who has diabetes, and he called us asking for another bottle, because his blood work (hemoglobin A1C) came back showing his numbers were under much better control since he started taking the supplement.

I will be advising my diabetic patients to start taking these “vitamin supplements” and keep all other aspects of their life the same. My patients should have their doctor check their blood work before and after to see how well DVS works for them.

Some of the key ingredients in this exciting new formula are Vitamin D, Curcumin, Pycnogenol, and Benfotiamine. These vitamin supplements are not meant as a cure-all for diabetics; the disease still requires the patient to monitor and control their dietary intake, blood pressure, exercise, and weight control. They are meant to help prevent and/or slow down any further diabetic changes.

Happy Holidays!!