Juvederm Testimonials

I no longer wake up to a “crooked “face that is not symmetrical


My experience with Juvederm has changed the way I feel inside and look outside.

I turned 40 in July and have pretty much always been told that I had great skin and looked “young “ for my age. Although I have never spent that much time in the sun to actually develop wrinkles, there was one area on my face that I found quite bothersome for the last 3 years: the creases or as they say (parenthesis) leading from my nose to my mouth. What made matters worse is that the left side was much more noticeable, and that it gave my face an uneven appearance.

Every single morning upon waking up, I would look in the mirror and stare at this horrible crease, which worsened while I slept, and faced me while I would get ready for a busy day. As crazy as this sounds, it appeared I may need to even “ iron out” this line somehow, or manually smooth it out before I would leave the house. My profile from my left side was equally unacceptable to me as it made my jowls more pronounced, like an angry bulldog.

After my Juvederm procedure, I no longer wake up to a “crooked “face that is not symmetrical. My results are natural and subtle, now if I could just get rid of this double chin…

Trish R.