LidHygenixâ„¢Blepharitis Cleansing Solution

Blepharitis is a chronic disease caused by dysfunction of the oil glands in the eyelid. It is important for patients who suffer from this condition to remove oil and debris from the eyelid every day. LidHygenix™, formulated by a doctor, is a gentle eye-cleansing solution that helps removes the oil and debris that accumulate due of blepharitis. Used as part of a daily cleansing regimen, LidHygenix™ will help foster lid health and hygiene.

Dr. Bello and Dr. Dhaliwal also recommend LidHygenix™ cleansing solution to patients who have received treatment for blepharitis. BlephEx™ is a 6-8 minute in-office treatment where the lashes are gently exfoliated to remove the crusted discharge and debris caused by blepharitis. A hand-held device is gently used along the lid margin to remove debris and buildup. Similar to routine dental cleanings, BlephEx™ is recommended every six months. In between treatments, Dr. Bello and Dr. Dhaliwal recommend LidHygenix™ cleanser to help maintain healthy eyelids.

Directions for LidHygenix™

  1. Place a warm washcloth over closed eyelids for 2 to 5 minutes, to help loosen oil and debris. Warmth is very important in the treatment of blepharitis, as it opens the plugged oil glands in the eyelid.
  2. Wash and clean hands prior to application.
  3. Remove contact lenses prior to use.
  4. Apply foam to fingertips and gently scrub eyelashes using a side-to-side motion. Eyes should be closed during cleansing. Alternatively, a sterile pad or washcloth can be used to apply foam.
  5. Prior to opening your eyes, blot eyelids with a clean dry washcloth.
  6. Avoid direct contact of the solution in your eyes.

To be used in the morning upon awakening and in the evening before bed. Caution: For external use only.

LidHygenix™ is not sold in stores. To purchase LidHygenix™ stop by our office today, or if you are a current patient at Chicagoland Eye Consultants, contact us to ship LidHygenix™ to your home for a low shipping rate.*

* We do not ship out of state and only ship to Dr. Bello and Dr. Dhaliwal’s current patients.