Oxy-View oxygen therapy eyeglasses are designed for individuals that require supplemental oxygen. Oxy-View allows you to “ditch” your nasal cannula, improve your quality of life, and feel better about yourself, while assuring that you are receiving the oxygen prescribed by your doctor. These attractive eyeglass frames not only hold your prescription lenses, they also deliver the oxygen you need in a way that others will hardly notice.

Oxy-View- A simple idea that works beautifully

  • Oxygen flows from your source, just as it would to a traditional nasal cannula
  • The oxygen tube divides into two, and then connects to the Oxy-View eyeglass frames at each temple
  • Oxy-View eyeglass frames are hollow, carrying oxygen flows of up to 5 liters per minute
  • Tiny individual nasal prongs extend from the bridge of the Oxy-View frame, providing you with oxygen in a manner that is hardly noticeable to others