The Oxy-Views

OxyView_Front_CannulaDo you or a loved one require supplemental oxygen? A lot of people who use supplemental oxygen are bothered by the nasal discomfort that accompanies it, as well as the social stigma that it can bring. How does the prospect of having oxygen delivered without having everybody notice sound to you?

After one of my lectures, a participant came up to me bragging about her new glasses that delivered oxygen. Wow! I couldn’t see her nasal oxygen cannula, and I wondered if she was telling me the truth. She proceeded to take her glasses off and demonstrated to me how the oxygen was delivered. It was amazing! I knew right then and there that I would offer this product to my patients.

OxyView_GlassesI have talked to my patients since that day and they have all been very receptive of the thought of eliminating their nasal oxygen cannula, and reducing the tubing around their head and neck. I am happy to say that our optician, Daniel, has been able to locate the Oxy-View glasses and that we are proudly offering them in our optical boutique.

If you, your friends, loved ones, or neighbors can benefit from these incredible glasses, please contact us or stop by for more information.

As always, our focus is your vision!

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